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  1. It is obligatory on you to Contribute monthly according to your Membership Type.
  2. Failing to contribute on monthly basis may de-grade or suspend your membership.
  3. Suspended membership can be resumed after paying the contribution.
  4. Membership can be suspended or de-graded or upgraded according to your desire.
  5. The right and proper use of your contribution is the responsibility of the Trust.
  6. In case of an Active Member, you must attend meetings.
  7. Membership is not the authorization to make decisions on-behalf of the Trust.
  8. Board of Trustees and Management Committee will be the decision making body.
  9. Not following the rules and regulations of the Trust will result in your disassociation.
  10. The Trust has the right to change and update its Rules and Regulations at any time.
  11. You are required to inform the Trust, if any of the information provided is changed.
  12. The Trust accepts Zakat separately but contributions should not be from your Zakat